Caroline is an architect

Caroline Hoshi was born in Honolulu, HI and raised in Tokyo, Japan. After receiving bachelor’s degree from Keio University, she wanted to do something creative for living. She took some architecture courses at Keio and that creative moment kept coming back to her mind. So she came back to Honolulu to pursue her new dream to become an architect. She received Doctorate degree in Architecture from University of Hawaii in 2008 and she has been working as an architect since then.

She works for a small architecture firm in Honolulu. She is passionate about creating space that is functional for the clients’ needs, and aesthetically creative at the same time.
Her design process starts from 2D surface into 3D volumes.
She mainly works on residential projects and some small scale commercial projects all over O‘ahu. She loves designing houses because they should be very personal and beautiful. Her favorite quote is “The home should be the treasure chest of living” by her “best favorite” architect Le Corbusier. Her dream is to design and build her crazy cool house in Honolulu.
She married to Jesse because he loves the ocean and he is artsy and crazy, just like Le Corbusier. Jesse also has a big scar on his leg like the one Corbusier had!
Caroline’s exposure of more than 20 years to the city culture in Tokyo, gives her design a super modern and contemporary kick and her Kama’aina heart gives her design a hint of Hawaiian spirit.